Grade 10 - 12 (age 15 - 18)

Bottega Coding Bootcamp

  • Provider: MTH Direct Full-schedule Courses

  • Website: Bottega Tech

  • LMS: DevCamp

  • Mode: Online Teacher-supported

  • Offers Tutoring: Not traditional tutoring, but the entire program is supported by a team of mentors who can help students anytime they need it.

Full schedule (3 periods). This comprehensive full-stack development track focuses on teaching Python and React, two of the industry’s leading programming languages for job demand and projected growth.

Students learn the fundamentals of computer programming, gain a greater understanding of object-oriented programming, and learn modern front-end and design principles.

This program is available to students in 10-12 grade. It will fill either Periods 4, 5, and 6 or Periods 5, 6, and the optional 7 in the student’s My Tech High schedule.

Students will find Bottega Bootcamp under Computer Science for Period 4 and Coding, Computer Science and Programming, and Computer Technology for Periods 5, 6, and 7.

Please note that Bottega Bootcamp and Coding Foundations (Bottega Prep) are different.

What you will learn

  • Web Development Foundations

  • Object Oriented Programming (Python)

  • Advanced Web Development (React/JS)

  • Database Foundations

  • Developer Soft Skills

  • Job preparation

Computer screen displaying program code website de EXFB4 PM

System Requirements

  • MacBook Pro or Windows 10 PC


Q: For what grades is the Bottega Bootcamp Coding Program available?

A: This program is available to students in grades 10, 11, and 12. Per Bottega’s request, students need to finish the program by August 31 following their 12th-grade year.

Q: Can my student participate as an 8th or 9th grader?

A: A Bottega Prep Course is available for students in grades 8 and 9.

Q: What Periods will Bottega Bootcamp fill in my student’s My Tech High schedule?

A: The Bottega Bootcamp program fills three Periods on a student’s My Tech High Schedule: either Periods 4, 5, and 6 or 5, 6, and 7. Remember that having it in the optional 7th Period will impact the Technology Allowance.

Students will find Bottega Bootcamp under Other Science for Period 4 and Other Tech for Periods 5, 6, and 7. Please note that Bottega Bootcamp and Bottega Prep courses are different.

Q: Can my student also do split enrollment and take classes at the local high school?

A: Yes, with district approval, students can take up to two classes at the local high school.

Q: Can my student work on the courses through the summer?

A: Yes, students are able to work on their Bottega courses through the summer, but instructor support will not be available then.

Q: How demanding is the program?

A: The program is rigorous, self-paced, and requires about 600 hours to complete. 10th-grade students could expect to spend 5-10 hours a week. Students in grades 11 or 12 will need to put in more time each week in order to finish.

Q: Will my student likely find a job in Utah after completing this program?

A: You will want to do your own research, but coding is currently in great demand in the workplace. Feel free to contact Bottega for statistics.

Q: What’s the next step to participate?

A: Email

Q: What if my student finishes their Bottega / SNHU-CBE / Snow Online program before their senior year?

A: Students who finish their selected program have the option of choosing another program or personalized curriculum until they finish high school. SNHU-CBE also offers three Bachelors programs that may be of interest to your student.

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