Grade 6 - 12 (Age 11 - 18)

BYU Independent Study

BYU Independent Study offers a variety of courses for middle school and high school students that are rigorous and include required assignments. The structured curriculum includes diverse videos, computerized labs, interactive activities, instructor tutorials, and animated clips. Most courses are online, teacher-graded courses that offer teacher support, grading, monitoring, and many include free online tutoring. Most World Language classes and a few others are offered in teacher-led format. (Not all courses in the BYU catalog may be available as a My Tech High Direct option.)

There are no age requirements, but be aware the high school level courses taken before 9th grade will not count on a high school transcript.

All BYU Independent Study final exams require a proctor. Students can search a testing center site by zip code to find a site to take an exam here. Many testing sites are free.

Diploma-seeking students must finish coursework by the end of each semester. Registration for the second half of a course occurs in early January. Students must complete Part 1 of a given course before they are able to begin Part 2 in the second semester.

Books and supplies that may be required for the BYU Independent Study courses need to be purchased by the student. BYU does not send them out as part of the course.

Students who enroll in an AP class will need to register for the exam here. BYU Independent Study does not facilitate AP tests.

Not very accomodating for appropriate placement for students who need and are expecting IEP accommodations.

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Are all BYU Independent Study courses online? Or are they teacher-led?


BYU Online The flexibility of our online courses makes them a popular choice. Students can access their course when and where they choose to utilize advanced features and productivity tools such as a student homepage, student grade book, and a student progress ‘what if’ calendar for students who prefer to progress at their own pace in a self-guided environment.

Teacher-led is for students looking for a more interactive, online course led and directed by an instructor, or who can benefit from increased structure, monitoring, and motivation, our Teacher-led courses offer all the benefits of virtual learning with the addition of direct instruction and one-on-one mentoring. Live, teacher-led activities, the ability to practice new language skills with other students, mentors, and the instructor, and a course orientation provided by the teacher upon enrollment make our Teacher-led courses an excellent option.

Do I have to take my BYU Independent Study final within the semester?

The proctored final for BYU Independent Study courses MUST be taken in the same semester indicated on the student’s approved schedule in InfoCenter (even if BYU allows for a longer completion window).

Is this a good option for special education students?

Not very accomodating for appropriate placement for students who need and are expecting IEP accommodations.

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