Grade 8 - 12 (Age 13 - 18)

Coding Foundations (Bottega Prep)

Coders construct the vast digital world we live in. In this course, you will gain the knowledge to understand programming vocabulary and concepts. You’ll be introduced to the programming languages HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and complete coding exercises that apply these languages.

What you will learn

  • Digital Foundations & Tech Industry Trends.

  • Demonstrate awareness of basic vocabulary and concepts.

  • Learn the HTML & CSS languages to program basic websites integrating the use of styles.

  • Learn and implement JavaScript to add moving features to basic coding projects.

  • How to use the terminal and command line to complete assigned coding tasks.

  • Understand how to discern current trends in the tech industry and associated potential career options.

  • Identify management strategies to effectively lead projects, meetings, presentations, and associated activities in technology industry settings.

  • Recognize teamwork competencies that promote productive communication, collaboration, and negotiation.

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System Requirements

  • PC or Mac

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