Grade 6 - 12 (Age 11 - 18)

Creativity and Innovation: The Beginning of Entrepreneurship

How did the great entrepreneurs of our age get their good ideas? Find out in this hands-on course and maybe you’ll have your own groundbreaking idea. You’ll learn how to think like an innovator, complete the innovation process, brainstorm great ideas, and build prototypes.

This curriculum has been modified from a course taught at Brigham Young University where it remains in the top 3 elective courses on campus. The skills and principles this course helps you develop have made several college students entrepreneurs who have won thousands of dollars in funding in local competitions. The curriculum is backed by award-winning research proven to help you become a more creative and more innovative individual. We guarantee this will help you with your next big idea.

What you will learn

  • What it takes to think and act like an innovator

  • The innovation process in gathering ideas from the real-world

  • Build your own prototypes to showcase to your family, friends, and the community

  • Develop the skills and mindsets of the greatest innovators

  • How to find opportunities for innovation in the real world

  • Hone your creative problem-solving abilities

  • Design and build your own rapid prototype

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