Grade 8 - 12 (Age 13 - 18)

Cyber Security Foundations

Learn what it takes to start a career in cybersecurity operations, development, and research. In this course, you’ll be able to explore various cybersecurity topics to include networking and network security tools, cryptography (ciphers, keys, digital signatures, hashes, encryption protocols, etc.), hacking basics (network reconnaissance and scanning, password cracking, and exploiting web application vulnerabilities), and the legal and ethical considerations of cybersecurity activities.

What you will learn

  • Become familiar with the Linux OS as well as many of the tools used in cybersecurity

  • Understand the basics of cybersecurity and its principles

  • Describe some common cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities

  • Install and use virtualization software

  • Understand layered network models

  • Use software tools to examine network traffic

  • Describe basic network defense tools

  • Explain basic cryptography terminology (plaintext, ciphertext, cipher, key, encipher, decipher, cryptanalysis, cryptology)

  • Understand the benefits of encryption

  • Apply techniques for encrypting and decrypting files

  • Describe techniques for passive network reconnaissance

  • Describe attacks on and apply tools to attack password hash files

  • Understand and exploit known web application vulnerabilities

  • Describe importance of ethical behavior when engaging in cybersecurity activities

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System Requirements

  • Latest updated browser – Firefox, Chrome or Safari

  • PC: Windows 7 or higher

  • Mac: Mac OS X 10.7 or higher

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