Grade K - 3 (age 5-8)

Early Robotics and Programming

Learn how to tell robots what to do! In a hands-on and digital learning experience, you will use the Elenco EL10T: My First Coding Robot as well as MIT’s Scratch Jr. programming app to investigate and explore the basics of robotics and programming.

What you will learn

  • The EL10T robot uses physical coding blocks to build programs, which are then put into the helmet on EL10T’s head.

  • You really do put ideas in EL10T’s head!

  • You’ll bring EL10T to the digital world using Scratch Jr to create your own animations and stories!

  • EL10T and Scratch Jr. are perfect for young learners, by supporting logic, problem solving, sequencing, and critical thinking skills.

Note: If the course is dropped after the kit has shipped, the kit can be returned if in unopened, factory-sealed condition. If the kit has been opened, you are welcome to keep it, and its cost will be deducted from your student's available Technology Allowance.


System Requirements

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