Grade K - 3 (Age 5 - 8)

Electricity and Circuitry Foundations

Discover how electricity and switches work. In this course, you’ll have hours of educational fun building simple electrical circuits with Snap Circuits® to understand how your electronic devices operate.

What you will learn

  • Explore the basics of electricity and making circuits.

  • Learn how electricity and magnetism can be used to make each other, learn about magnetic fields, how the electricity in your home works, how switches control the electricity to the lights in your home, and how series and parallel circuits affect electricity.

  • Build simple circuits with lights and sounds using Elenco’s Snap Circuits Kits.

  • Projects include: a strobe light with music, a color changing lighted fan, an air fountain, a motion detector, a mini car, a crawler, and an airplane.

Note: If the course is dropped after the kit has shipped, the kit can be returned if in unopened, factory-sealed condition. If the kit has been opened, you are welcome to keep it, and its cost will be deducted from your student's available Technology Allowance.

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System Requirements

  • The Elenco Snap Circuits® Motion and Snaptricity® kits will be shipped directly to the student in August.

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