Grade 8 - 12 (age 13 - 18)

Esports Club

Join our team!

1) Develop skills related to teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship.

2) Connect My Tech High and Tech Trep Academy families with each other.

3) Engage in friendly, intramural competitions (i.e. only among our Club members) for Super Smash Bros, League of Legends, and Rocket League.

4) Participate in Open Invitational Tournaments with other schools and teams.

5) Identify real-world practice opportunities for students who want to develop their skills involving Twitch streaming production and/or game broadcasting.

Each week there will be bracket play in the online tournament. Each semester will include three different online tournaments (Super Smash Bros, League of Legends, and Rocket League).

In order to participate in this club, you will need to create a free Discord account. If you would also like to participate in any of the three tournaments we will be hosting, you will also need to create a free Battlefy account, own the game(s) for the tournaments, and have access to any necessary software/hardware to play the game.

Membership Requirements

  • This club is for students in grades 8-12.

  • Demonstrate positive sportsmanship at all times (win or lose). For example: Saying “gg” at the end of a match (which stands for “good game”).

  • Speak with kindness and respect to everyone (even if they aren’t kind to you).

  • Share compliments freely throughout a match for good moves.

  • Avoid all forms of bullying behavior, including trash-talking, put-downs, vulgar language, racism, discrimination, intentional sabotage, and any other inappropriate behavior.

  • You will need permission to join our club's Discord server.

Contact us

If you have questions, please reach out!