Frequently Asked Questions

When did the My Tech High program begin?

The first group of students participated in the My Tech High program during the 2009-10 school year. Interest in the program continues to grow each year and we’re honored to be part of each child’s educational experience.

Does My Tech High operate as a Public Charter/District School or a Private School?

Neither. We are a personalized education program which operates under a Public/Private Partnership model administered by existing public schools (both district and charter).

For the Colorado program, in which public schools will my child be enrolled?

In Colorado, all students are participating in a part-time, public school Options Program through either Vilas School District, Kiowa School District RE-2, or Colorado Early Colleges Charter School Network (CEC).

All program requirements, details, policies, schedules, courses, testing, student records, credits, reimbursements, etc. are subject to the approval of the partner school. Please review this list of key policies.

With which curriculum providers do you partner directly?

The following providers are available as a My Tech High Direct option:

Accelerated Spark Online
Apex Learning
Beast Academy Online
BrainPop and BrainPop, Jr.*
BYU Independent Study
DreamBox Learning Math
Edmentum Courseware
Exact Path*
Falcon Aerolab
Generation Genius*
Imagine Language & Literacy
Imagine Math
Imagine Math PreK-2
Imagine MyPath
Imagine Pathblazer (formerly Edgenuity Pathblazer)
Lexia Core5
Lexia PowerUp Literacy
Mystery Science
MI Write*
Prodigy Math
Reading Eggs
Rosetta Stone
ST Math
Study Island*
Tang Math*
TABC Classroom Edition*
Time Edge*
Typing Instructor
Waterford Early Learning (Language Arts, Math, Science)

*Indicates a Homeroom Resource for which ALL students have unlimited access. Some are Optional Homeroom Resources that are available upon request.

Do you ever have face-to-face events?

Yes. We schedule regular field trips. We also host an annual Student Showcase Night where students share a favorite project with family and friends. Showcase Nights are some of the most enjoyable moments of the year.

Does every student need to take a Tech or Entrepreneurship course?

Yes! Our program is focused on helping students gain valuable skills to be successful in college, career and life. Students with a strong foundation in creativity, innovation, technology and business are poised to change the world for good. Review all tech and entrepreneurship courses available for full-time Colorado students.

Can parents or schools purchase individual tech and entrepreneurship courses?

Yes! Through a partnership with Tech, private pay parents and schools can purchase individual courses for students. Note: Several partner schools and programs in Southern California and Alaska are pre-approved to purchase via Tech Trep.

Why are Pass/Fail grades given instead of traditional letter grades?

We believe STRONGLY in personalized education and providing flexible resources to help every student enjoy their learning experience. Letter grades limit flexibility and force children to navigate artificial grade distinctions. We have concluded that this subjective and stressful approach would contradict our goal of inspiring our students to gain a true lifelong love of learning. Note: students taking college classes are given a traditional letter grade on their college transcript.

Is the recommended age for the Tech courses flexible?

Yes – absolutely. We believe the parent knows their child best and can decide if he/she would be able to handle a course that may be designed for older students.

Are all the learning materials and technology resources property of the program?

Yes. All materials, curriculum, technology purchased or reimbursed with public funds are considered property of the program and must be returned or repaid if a student fails to adhere to all program requirements and/or withdraws at any time prior to the end of the school year.

NOTE: Any new computer, Chromebook, or iPad/tablet which is fully reimbursed with a student’s Technology Allowance funds remains property of the school’s program for three years. If a student withdraws from the program after year one or year two, the parent will be asked to return the computer, Chromebook, or iPad/tablet, or re-pay the depreciated value of the device.

Once my child is accepted, will I receive additional information?

Yes! Once accepted into the program, parents will have access to Parent Link, a secure site with extensive details regarding all aspects of our personalized education program.

Can a High School student earn credit towards an accredited Associate Degree?

Yes! Various options exist for students to earn Early College Credits and pursue an accredited Associate Degree, including:

  • Advanced Placement (AP) courses and exams
  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP Exams)
  • High ACT/SAT scores in subject areas can count for some college credit
  • On-Campus Community College / University courses
  • Online, semester-based courses
  • Online, competency-based courses/programs


Can students with disabilities participate in the program?

Absolutely!!  We welcome students of all learning styles and needs!

NOTE: If a child has an active IEP or 504, please contact your local district school for services.  Depending on the local district’s policy, they may or may not require you to withdraw from our public school options program.  It is ultimately the local district’s decision.

Can I select religious-based curriculum as part of my approved program?

No. As this program is in partnership with the public education system, only secular materials are approved as part of the program. Parents are free to supplement their child’s education with religious materials using their own private funds.

What type of computer do you recommend for students to use?

We recommend students use a standard PC or Mac (not a Chromebook or tablet). A student typically just needs a basic desktop or laptop.