Grade K - 6 (Age 5 - 11)

Imagine Language & Literacy

Imagine Language & Literacy is an adaptive learning solution that accelerates reading and language proficiency for students in grades K–6. Designed to supplement core literacy instruction, Imagine Language & Literacy provides instruction and practice in all four literacy domains—reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Imagine Language & Literacy is an innovative language and literacy software. Media-rich, adaptive, game-based instruction provides students with developmentally-appropriate curriculum which continually assesses students to provide an individual, self-paced learning pathway.

Imagine Language & Literacy also allows an ELL student (English Language Learner) to select a First Support Language and receive instructions in their native language. The program still teaches English concepts but uses the student's first language strategically to help them learn English. First language support is only implemented on select activities where it has been determined to prove the most effective, the goal is to maintain a balance between helping the student understand the activity and still pushing them to learn English.

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