Grade K - 10 (Age 5 - 15)

Imagine Math

Imagine Math motivates students to learn, understand, and love math. Early learners are immersed in a storybook environment filled with connectible characters, memorable songs, captivating storylines, and rich graphics that engage students while teaching them to see how math exists all around the world. For older students, the research-based, self-paced program includes rigorous adaptive instruction, contests/points/games to increase motivation, and tracks progress through integrated benchmark assessments.

When students work in the Imagine Math program, they have access to live, certified, bilingual math teachers that give students the help they need.

Parents can request a Parent Portal, which provides handy resources that help you understand your student’s performance, printable certificates of completion for each lesson, an overview of Imagine Math, and tips for encouraging students at every step of their learning journey.

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