Grade 7 - 12 (age 12 - 18)

Lit Club


Calling all readers and writers grades 7-12! Pick up a book or a pen and take a journey around the world through different time periods. Read books from different genres, countries, and eras, watching them come to life, then discuss what you discovered. Answer prompts and develop your own writing, creating vivid stories before your eyes and sharing them with your fellow writers. We will host event(s) where we meet and talk with published authors about the writing process and how they wrote their books. Whether you enjoy reading, writing short stories, writing long essays, or all of the above, there is a spot for you here!

We will invite an author to join us and tell us a little bit about them and their career. We will have time set for the author to answer the questions of those in attendance. We hope to schedule two throughout the year, one in each semester.

We will have a club Google Classroom that you can participate in. You can share what you wrote, book ideas, talk about books, and so much more with your clubmates throughout the year.

Possible Challenges within the club that our members can engage in: NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month of November). For our writers, you can write a book, short story, or write something you enjoy throughout the month of November. Goals of 20,000 - 40,000 words that month. For our readers, you can read your fellow writers stories and provide feedback or read two to three books that month of November.

Membership Requirements

  • Grade 7-12 (age 12-18)

  • It is required to read one book every month and participate in the Zoom meeting or discussion/sharing in google classroom once a month.

  • For the first meeting come with one book recommendation for the club to read and the answers to these three questions: 1) What is your favorite genre to read and to write in? 2) What is one book character you either relate to or could be? 3) If you could meet one author, who would it be (past or present)?

  • Book list will be determined by club members under the supervision of parents and Club Advisors.

Club Advisors:

Shelby E. Streed
I'm an avid reader and writer, especially fantasy, hoping to finish writing my first novel as soon as possible.

Olivia Burr
Reading books with my children is one of my favorite pastimes. I would love to be a children's librarian.

Parent Advisors are requested to help manage breakout rooms, google classroom, fill in when an advisor can't make a meeting, and help with book selection.

Student Leaders

Student leaders will be selected from this club and two will participate in Student Council. President willlead meetings, lead discussions in breakout rooms and help students with Google Classroom. Vice-President will backup for president in leading meetings, lead breakout room discussions, and help with google classroom. Secretary-helps with emails, notetaking and assists with Google Classrom. Two Book Leaders will help lead the discussions on the books read and generate a few discussion prompt questions in preparation of the meeting. Two Writing Leaders will come up with writing prompts and challenges for each month. Contact club advisors for information.

Contact us

If you have questions, please reach out!