Grades 2-12 (age 7-18)

Music Club


Fall Semester
2nd Thursdays 3 pm MST- Beethoven - Beginners Grades 2-6
3rd Thursdays 3 pm MST - Bach - Beginners Grades 6-12

Winter Semester
2nd Thursdays 3 pm MST- Mozart - Intermediate Grades 2-6
3rd Thursdays 3 pm MST- Stravinsky - Intermediate Grades 6-12

Beginners: We will cover basic music theory, history, genres, and cultures. We will help students learn to lead music, recognize basic music patterns and symbols both visually and audibly, expose them to and help them recognize different instruments, and provide opportunities for sharing and developing musical talent.

Intermediate: We will cover similar topics to those stated above, but will go more in depth because the students already have background knowledge to build upon. Registration will begin Winter Semester.

Membership Requirements

  • For beginners, there are no requirements in terms of musical experience.

  • For intermediate students, they should have participated in the beginner club during 1st semester or have prior music experience.

  • Participation in a virtual Music Showcase at the end of the semester.

Club Advisors:

Lydia Dixon
I love music and believe that it has an amazing way of helping people connect to themselves, other people, as well as providing healing and peace.

Cammy Davies
Music has always been an important part of my life, has led to many opportunities for learning and growth, as well as strengthened connections with those around me.

Parent Advisors are requested to attend meetings as needed.

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