Grade K - 12 (Age 5 - 18)


MusiQuest is an online, personalized platform for learning music. MusiQuest transports students to Musi, a welcoming and immersive musical world where students can create, learn, and play. Students take lessons across five different levels and learn to compose their own songs with melody, harmony, chords, bass, and drums. Every song made in MusiQuest can be exported as sheet music and the entire platform is designed to combine creativity and music theory.

No background in music? No problem! Built-in content allows beginners to explore a vast range of instruments, styles, and musical concepts without any barriers to entry or prior knowledge needed. More experienced students can use MusiQuest’s intermediate and advanced functionality, including music notation, to take their self-expression to the next level! The MusiQuest curriculum covers musical instruments, styles, and music theory while integrating literacy, math, science, and social-emotional skills.

What’s Available:

  • More than 300 interactive lessons

  • More than 75 instruments to learn and discover

  • Song Builder to easily create your own songs

  • The perfect blend of technology and the arts

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