Grade K-3 (age 5 - 8)

Numbers Club


"One o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock rock!..." Students in the Numbers Club will rock with their friends and advisors as they learn all about the numbers 0-20. We'll read stories about numbers, sing songs about numbers, practice writing our numbers, and have a great time building basic numeracy skills.

Membership Requirements

  • This club is for students in grades K-3.

  • Students will need access to objects to count (LEGO bricks, cereal, blocks, cars, etc.), paper, and a pencil at each club meeting.

  • Be kind and courteous. Always use appropriate language. No hate speech or bullying.

Club Advisors:

Mary Bentley

I love music, pickleball, and spending time with my husband and daughter.

Emry Gubler

One of my favorite things to do is cuddle up in a warm blanket with a good book. I love that books can take you on so many adventures!

Contact us

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