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Learn the “why” behind My Tech High

“Our children are not standard." -Amy Bowman, Cofounder

We strive to inspire young people to discover, develop, and celebrate their uniqueness and invite families to work with our teachers and staff to design an education experience that addresses each child's individual needs. By bringing together the best education resources available, our program gives options that bring more excitement and joy into learning for all students.

Who we are


As parents, My Tech High founders Matt and Amy Bowman wanted more education options for their children. Combining Matt’s background in teaching and technology, and Amy’s dedication to raising fulfilled, happy children, they created a student-tailored education program that brings the best enrichment resources available to families. My Tech High is built on the idea that if something you want doesn’t exist, create it. Matt and Amy strive every day to inspire young people to discover, develop, and celebrate their uniqueness.

Who we are

District and Charter School Partners

My Tech High partners with innovative public school leaders around the country -- both district and charter -- to provide a flexible enrichment learning program—all at no cost to the family!

Who we are

Parents & Students

My Tech High teachers and staff view the parent as a key partner in education and an essential member of the team. Together, we will ignite the passion and curiosity within young people—the heart and soul of My Tech High.

Who we are

Teachers & Mentors

Every student in every course is led by a kind, caring, experienced certified teacher who is committed to helping each student succeed. A team of Tech Mentors is also available to to help provide technical support to students and parents, as needed. Finally, business leaders from a wide network of CEOs, entrepreneurs, and innovators help guide students interested in launching their own business.

Who we are

Parent Support Team

Consider all of your My Tech High questions answered! Our Parent Support Team works hard to answer your questions quickly, thoughtfully, and accurately via chat, email, phone, and live, one-on-one video conferences. The team also regularly hosts small group information sessions full of helpful information to answer all of your questions.

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