Grades K-12 (age 5-18)

Outdoor Adventure Club


The Outdoor Adventure Club encourages students to get outside and be active! We'll meet virtually once a month to share our adventures and learn about different outdoor skills. As a club we'll organize challenges and in-person experiences and enjoy the outdoors!

My Tech High nor its employees will not supervise students on hikes. Students need to participate with a parent. MTH may do something to help you meet, for example, "We are meeting at the trailhead at 8:00 am at this location for all families who are interested. in joining us" or "Those families who wish to pack a lunch we will be at this coordinate to eat by the waterfall together" etc.

Membership Requirements

  • My Tech High nor its employees will supervise students on hikes. Parent or guardian must provide transportation and be in attendance.

  • Miles Challenge- Let's see how far we can go in a semester! Hike, paddle, bike as many miles as you can. We'll have individual and group goals.

  • One month we will challenge students to pick up garbage on the trails they hike. Afterwards they will take a picture and we'll be able to see how much MTH students helped reduce litter.

  • We'll meet in-person for hikes in various locations.

Club Advisors:

Chelsea Jordon
I am from Southern Colorado and love exploring all that the outdoors has to offer here.

Emily Fowers
I enjoy hiking with my family and one day aspire to hike rim to rim in the Grand Canyon!

Melanie Watanabe
We live in the St. George area and love being outdoors, especially hiking!

Parent Advisors would need to be present during Zoom Meetings to assist Advisors.

Student Leadership:

Student leaders may be selected to represent the club in the Student Council. Student Leaders would need to have a specialized skill or knowledge of an outdoor activity. They would be responsible for giving a presentation on that activity in a Zoom meeting. With parent support, Students Leaders organize hiking meet-ups in their areas.

Contact us

If you have questions, please reach out!