Grade K - 5 (Age 5 - 11)

Rock by Rock

Rock by Rock’s project-based science program engages students in projects that are relevant to their lives and also build science, literacy, and life skills. All science projects empower learners to make change in the world through a combination of hands-on and online learning. Projects use off-the-shelf materials you already have at home. Students can work on the projects independently with a parent or sibling.

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What You Will Learn

  • Science: Students will learn science through real world problems and challenges aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards.

  • Literacy: Students will apply reading, writing, speaking and listening as they create their take action projects.

  • Life Skills: Projects focus on key life skills: empathy, kinship, impact awareness, creativity, and curiosity.

  • Digital Literacies: Students develop important 21st century digital literacy skills through their projects using technology to create modern day forms of communication (i.e. powerpoint, videos, podcasts etc…).

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What You Have Access To

  • Full library of online projects.

  • Suggested scope and sequence (but you can do projects in any order you choose).

  • An online community to share resources and ideas from other users and the Rock by Rock team.

  • FREE virtual field trips connected to projects.

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