Empowering Personalized Learning: Explore the My Tech High Course Catalog for Utah Fits All

My Tech High gives families access to the most flexible, student-tailored education program in the world.

My Tech High is thrilled to introduce our proprietary custom, home-based curriculum, tailored specifically for Utah Fits All (UFA) program participants. With over 15 years of experience serving more than 11,000 students in Utah, we understand the unique educational needs of self-directed learners in our community. We believe that students aren’t standard. We also believe in maximizing the value of your education wallet and providing your child with the best possible learning experience. That's why we've hand-picked our most engaging, effective, and comprehensive courses to create a personalized learning path that fits your child's unique needs and interests.

Our experienced teachers and cutting-edge learning resources are here to support you every step of the way, ensuring that your child receives the guidance, challenge, and inspiration they need to thrive.

Available in the 2024-25 Course Catalog:

Course access dates: Sept 1 - June 30 with asynchronous teacher support

Each course has a teacher responsible for assignment coordination, customization, review, and rating.

*Note: Courses with an asterisk are kit-based courses. Get access to digital materials and a tangible resource box filled with tools and materials curated to enhance your child's learning journey.

Course TitleGrade LevelsPrice
AP Computer Science Principles10-12$300
3D Design: Modeling, Animation, and Printing8-12$300
Adobe Creative Cloud: Digital Art & Graphic Design6-12$300
Adobe Creative Cloud: Video Production for Content Creators6-12$300
Become an Entrepreneur3-8$300
Computer Science FoundationsK-5$300
Creativity and Innovation6-12$300
Cyber Security Foundations8-12$300
Game Maker I: Become a Board Game DesignerK-12$300
Game Maker II: Design and Self-Publish Your Own Board GameK-12$300
Minecraft STEAM Foundations3-8$300
Photography ExplorerK-6$300
Photography Master6-12$300
Programming Foundations2-6$300
Python Programming6-12$300
*Audio for Creators6-12$450
*Early Robotics & ProgrammingK-3$450
*Electricity and Circuitry FoundationsK-3$450
*LEGO Intermediate Robotics SPIKE Prime5-12$450
*LEGO Robotics for Problem Solvers1-5$450
*Minecraft STEAM II with Snap Circuits3-8$450
*Stop Motion AnimationK-6$450

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$975 for access Sept 1 - June 30.

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