Grade 6-12 (age 11 - 18)

Service Club


Do you enjoy serving your family, neighborhood, and community? The service club is a place to get inspired, share ideas, and make service a part of your life.

Each week students will be given service challenges to guide them in providing an act of service to their family or community. During our club meetings, we will report back on our successes and brainstorm ways we can continue serving the next week. We will also get to participate in a few service projects LIVE as a group during our club meetings. Finally, learn about the My Tech High Stephanie Hess Service Project. Get ready to make the world a better place and serve with us!

Membership Requirements

Club Advisors:

Bailey Gittins

I love connecting with my family and community through service opportunities!

Jen Johnson

Finding purpose in my life through family, service, and My Tech High!

Contact us

If you have questions, please reach out!