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MTH Pure Genius Club presents an Interview with Kevin Auernig, Co-founder of Sodalicious. Originally Recorded December 15, 2020

About Kevin Auernig:

Kevin Auernig was born to make lemonade. As a kid, he opened lemonade stands and played “company” with his cousins. And in second grade, when other kids were declaring their dreams of fighting fires and flying planes, Auernig was making a plan — a business plan.

“I wrote that when I grew up, I wanted to be an entrepreneur, and my teacher was really impressed I knew how to spell it correctly,” Auernig says. “I can still see that brown paper with the big lines. I wrote what I wanted to be, and then I drew a picture of J.R. Ewing from ‘Dallas’ next to it — hat and all.”

Auernig walked by that picture every day, hung in his school’s hallway with carpeted walls.

“My picture was so different from everyone else’s,” he says. “I’m not sure I knew exactly what ‘entrepreneur’ meant, but I knew it meant creating something. It meant taking control. I had a challenging childhood, which taught me how to be independent — to learn how to survive and get through tough things. I loved the idea of being in charge of my future.”

These days, Auernig is in charge of the ultimate lemonade stand: Sodalicious.

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Webinar Format

  • 0 Story of Sodalicious

  • 18:05 Q&A by students

  • 18:14 Covid Impact on Sodalicious

  • 18:20 Financing

  • 22:30 Kevin’s favorite flavors & most popular

  • 25:05 #1 Piece of advice for entrepreneurs

  • 26:35 Pricing

  • 28 Naming your company

  • 30 Social media

  • 34:16 Funny soda names

  • 36 Dealing with criticism