Student Success Stories

The Thygerson Family: Robotics, Travel, and Entrepreneurship

There is so much in this world that is amazing and worthwhile. Traveling the world has never been easier. As much as you want your family to enjoy all these things, it’s kind of ironic that you have to forego amazing educational and enriching experiences because of…traditional school.

Through the My Tech High program, the Thygerson family has expanded their horizons by getting involved with Robotics, world travel, and entrepreneurship.

The children are learning and applying math, engineering, organization, public speaking, and leadership. During a recent trip to Nepal, they practiced their entrepreneurial skills and gained a more confident and grateful perspective about their own lives.

Marcelo: An Elite Ballroom Dancer with Dyslexia (age 10)

Students who are involved with competitive activities such as sports, dance, and music, often need to travel the world for games, competitions, training, conventions, and conferences. By participating in the My Tech High program, Marcelo is able to incorporate his travel into his schooling.

In fact, road life is a great time for accessing hands-on learning environments and creating lasting memories. Marcelo competed at a world championship in Paris, so he timed his France section of World History to coincide with his visit. By incorporating learning into his travel, he was able to gain a truly unique educational experience.

Olivia: 16-year old entrepreneur

Olivia is an entrepreneur because she really wanted to help her family. The economic downturn hit them hard. When they moved to a new town, she walked dogs for neighbors and took part time jobs. She wanted to help.

Olivia noticed the difference between working for other people and working for herself. That set her on the path to entrepreneurship. Her creativity and hard work in building Blue Mountain Doodles earned her the prestigious Ernst & Young‘s Young Entrepreneur of The Year award.

The My Tech High program is perfect for Olivia because her schooling now fits her busy entrepreneur’s schedule. She also chooses opportunities and curriculum that complement her business and life goals. Olivia is an enthusiastic learner, but her amazing ability and drive just don’t fit a traditional schedule. Through the My Tech High program, Olivia pursues her dreams as well as a great education.

Gavin: 13-year old student / actor

Even at 13 years old, Gavin has worked with some of the best in Hollywood. He had an amazing experience working with Chris O’Donnell on CBS’s NCIS. He also played a role on the film Maximum Ride, based on a novel by James Patterson. So far, he’s appeared in over a dozen roles in film and television.

The My Tech High program lets Gavin and his parents create a personalized education plan that makes his career possible. Even with his busy schedule of auditions, rehearsals, and performances, Gavin can get a full-time, high-quality education. He can even choose to focus on additional classes that help his career move forward.

Gerardo: 13-year old “maker, designer, and tinkerer”

Traditional school wasn’t working out for Gerardo. It’s not that he went to a bad school, it’s just that a traditional classroom was holding him back. Gerardo had the drive and ability to do more sooner. There was no way his parents were going to hold him back.

Gerardo sits at the fusion of technology and art. His photography, 3D printing, and designs, are enhanced by his understanding of the technology that drives the medium. That knowledge came with intense study that is still not available in many schools. The My Tech High program gives Gerardo access to curriculum that he needs when he needs it.

Connor: 10-year old student taking college classes

As a parent, your instinct is to protect your child but sometimes they need to really be challenged. You don’t want to do this willy-nilly.  There are a lot of great programs out there that can help you challenge your child in productive and meaningful ways.

Connor’s family, for example, uses the My Tech High program. This has allowed Connor to advance beyond what a normal grade level classroom would allow. He has even been able to attend class at the University of Utah…at ten years old!