Grade K - 12 (Age 5 - 18)

Study Island

Study Island is a data-driven standards mastery solution designed to help K–12 students master content specified by each state. Its high-impact, high-value learning programs provide proven academic support through practice, immediate feedback, and built-in remediation to improve students’ performance in core skill areas. Use it for independent practice, quizzes, or additional reinforcement of topics aligned to state standards for Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies.

K-8 Math, Language Arts, and Science curriculum is also available in Spanish. (Please note, these are not ESL or World Language programs.)

What's Available:

  • Standards mastery program

  • Scaffolded learning and technology-enhanced item types

  • Flash cards, games, and printable worksheets for each topic

  • Benchmark assessments to help practice for state tests

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