Grade K - 12 (Age 5 - 18)

Typing Instructor

Typing Instructor offers three different keyboarding programs (Disney Mickey's Typing Adventure, Adventure Island Typing for Kids, and World Traveling Theme). Choose one appropriate for your student's grade. Lessons, tests, and game challenges motivate students to improve their typing skills so they can advance in the program. Students can complete the course multiple times throughout the year, each with different paths and WPM goals. In addition, they can do tutorials or practice keyboarding skills each day through writing emails, letters, or stories, and transcribing favorite songs or audiobooks.

Disney Mickey's Typing Adventure: Grade K-2
Adventure Island: Grade 3-5
World Travel: Grade 6-8 and up

To add these courses in Schedule Builder look for them under "Technology - Keyboarding."

What you will learn

  • There are different "plans" within the program. Students are all started on the "Suggested Keyboarding Course" that covers everything in sequential order and we start them at a goal of 5 WPM.

  • Once the typists complete their plan, they will start over again from the first step with a goal to increase speed and accuracy.

  • If a student completes the entire "plan", the student can be moved to a different plan and increasing the WPM goal based on their current WPM.

  • The plans include: * Games Course * Skill Building Course * 7-8 year old or 9-10 year old * Home row only * Numeric keypad

System Requirements

  • Chrome and Edge Browsers.This includes Chromebook and the Chrome Browser on both Windows and macOS system.

  • The Chrome browser for iPad/iOS is not compatible at this time.

Trouble with the browser?

Using one of the above compatible browsers, you should be able to log into any of the Typing Instructor sites as normal. Both the Typing Site and the Teacher/Management Console will run 100% correctly. On occasion, the following issues might occur after successfully logging: Empty or white screens Partially loaded screens that don't contain the Typing Application Slow or poorly responsive Application. These issues are not common, and we are actively working to minimize their occurrence, but if any of your students should have such an experience at home or in class, you can use the Reconnect to server feature at the bottom left corner of the page. Reconnecting to server will solve all the issues described above. If you continue to experience any of the issues after Reconnecting, let me know, and try reconnecting once more time. As I said above, we are working to minimize and ultimately remove the need to Reconnect, but if you happen to experience bad for faulty connection, this will fix the issue. Typing Instructor Browser The Typing Instructor Browser desktop app is a replacement for an Internet browser. Your Typing Instructor experience will be the exact same high quality you are used to. If you or your students are running Windows, they can download the Typing Instructor Browser, from this link: Feel free to share this page. The Typing Instructor Browser only allows access to the Typing Web sites, and no other web content.

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