MTH Field Trip

Virtual Field Trip to Jamestown - Part 1: James Fort

Join us as we go back in time for a journey through historic Jamestown. Learn about the history of the first successful English colony in the Americas and how archaeology has reshaped our understanding of this important site.

  • A Virtual Field Trip created exclusively for & Sponsored by My Tech High & Tech Trep Academy

  • Originally recorded Monday, December 7th 2020.

Virtual Tour of James Fort - 1607-1619

This site was rediscovered by archaeologists from 1994-1996. Since that time, we have continued to dig and found over 3.5 million artifacts. This lesson will discuss the basics of archaeology, the reasons for English colonization, the Powhatan people, the cooperation and conflict between the two cultures, and the creation of representative government in 1619. We have rebuilt the fort walls and have the actual sites where the first government met, the first church, the site of Pocahontas' wedding, proof of the starving time, and the events of Captain John Smith's books.