MTH Field Trip

Virtual Field Trip to Jamestown - Part 2: New Town

Join us as we go back in time for a journey through historic Jamestown. Learn about the history of the first successful English colony in the Americas and how archaeology has reshaped our understanding of this important site.

  • A Virtual Field Trip created exclusively for & Sponsored by My Tech High & Tech Trep Academy.

  • Originally recorded Monday, December 7th 2020.

From Fort to Port- 1619-1699

A virtual tour of "New Town". This is the area of the National Park east of James Fort, where Jamestown grew as a colonial city and capital.. In this lesson we will learn about the growth of tobacco as a cash crop, the creation of a town, the arrival of English women in America, the first Africans, indentured servitude and slavery, and the collapse of Jamestown in 1699. These themes will ultimately lead Virginia into the ideas and revolution of the 1700s.