Grades K-12 (Ages 5-18)


  • Website: IXL

  • Mode: My Tech High Mentor-Supported

  • Supplemental Curriculum

IXL is an immersive, self-paced, question-based learning experience that provides comprehensive, standards-aligned content for math, language arts, science, and social studies. IXL’s adaptive questions automatically adjust to the right level of difficulty.

IXL breaks down topics into progressive skills for each grade level and content area and provides immediate feedback, including specific explanations for every incorrect answer. A wide variety of questions keep practice sessions fresh and enable all types of learners to excel. IXL includes vibrant visuals and interactive questions.

Schedule Information:

  • Selecting IXL for one Period gives students access to all IXL subjects. There is no need to choose IXL for more than one Period.

Demo Account Information:

  • Click here to make a free, 30-day trial account to explore IXL.

What's Available:

  • Unlimited access to all grades for math (K-12), science (K-8), Language Arts (K-12), and social studies (K-8)

  • Progressive skills for each grade level and content area with immediate feedback

  • Question-based learning that can be correlated with state standards

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Q: How does IXL teach?

A: IXL is question-based and does not include instruction, lesson plans, or curriculum.

Q: Does IXL include ACT prep?

A: The curriculum offers a wide range of content aligned with topics covered on the ACT and includes an ACT Skill Plan for Math and English that guides students to the right IXL skills and helps set them up for success. Students can target an ACT score range based on their learning needs and build mastery of the aligned skills at their own pace.

Q: Is IXL Spanish available?

A: IXL Spanish is not available with a My Tech High subscription.