Grade 3 - 8 (Age 8 - 13)

LEGO® Robotics WeDo 2.0

Design your own LEGO® robots, machines, and models that solve problems to real-life challenges! In this course, you’ll examine basic physics, biology, and environmental concepts using the LEGO® WeDo 2.0 platform.

What you will learn

  • Design your own creative robots, machines, and models and share them with others

  • Creatively design and engineer solutions to real-life challenges

  • Learn basic programming to make your Robots move and interact with their environment

The Lego WeDo 2.0 kit will be shipped directly to the student in August and $150 will be deducted from his/her Tech Allowance.

Note: If the course is dropped after the set has shipped, the set can be returned if in unopened, factory-sealed condition. If the set has been opened, you are welcome to keep it, and its cost will be deducted from your student's available Technology Allowance.

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