Grade K - 6 (Age 5 - 11)

Photography Explorer

Explore the world of photography and earn badges along the way: from the “Nature Badge” where you’ll take pictures of wildlife, to the “Time Travel Badge” where you’ll make a camera from 2,000 years ago! This course, made for all ages and all camera types, introduces you to foundational elements of photography through hands-on projects that stretch your creativity and problem-solving skills.

What you will learn

  • Take photos you’re proud of using whatever type of camera you have

  • Practice lighting, composition, and problem solving while earning the following badges: Nature, Portrait, Color, Time Travel, Movement, Story, and Artist

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Aden hushaw digitalphotography silhouette
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Digital photography focus
Digitalphotography lenses
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IMG 0464
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IMG 0624
IMG 2169
IMG 2613
IMG 6120
IMG 0689

System Requirements

  • Any type of camera

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